Our Services

  • At Gold Star Metalex, we accommodate metal scrap for nearly every industry. From Oil and gas companies, to demolition contractors- we facilitate, and process any unusable scrap metal by-products from day-to-day industrial operations. Our clients are approached case-by-case, and are treated with honesty and integrity to ensure that our clients' material is being recycled and recovered with a financial and environmental benefit.

    Gold Star also creates asset recovery programs for government and industrial projects to ensure that metal assets do not become a liability. We understand that some projects within your industry don't go as planned, and our team will work to ensure that your assets are saved before becoming a hassle or a financial loss.

    Industries We currently serve

    • Petro-Chemical
    • Demolition and Dismantling
    • Energy and Gas
    • Manufacturing
  • Hello ..!

    Have a project or facility that needs to be cleaned up?
    Gold Star Metalex is capable of creating an intense schedule to pick up metal-scrap material from projects and facilities in an efficient and safe manner. Our operations have the capacity to handle projects both big and small, and our logistics department works rigorously to ensure that clean-up is handled promptly for the duration of the process. All scrap-material from clean-up projects are completely processed and recycled at our Fort Worth facility.

  • We are positioned to provide our clients with the most efficient and reliable method of transporting freight that may come oversized, over weight, or in various shapes and forms to our facilities. By using reverse logistics, Gold Star Metalex is able to provide mass shipment on-time to create one of the most inclusive, efficient, and safe metal-waste transportation operations. With this, we are able to provide a complete, hassle free metal-recycling experience to our clients.


    • Container drop off & pick up schedules
    • Inventory Management programs
    • Cost-effective methods
    • Variety of full-service trucks